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What Is It?

The IT landscape is going through a major overhaul with the introduction of new, cutting-edge technologies such as big data, IoT, AI, cloud, automation and machine learning. Enterprise business models are forced to adapt to these changes with a better understanding of these technologies, agile design principles and strategic technological and infrastructural approaches.

Out technology consultants leverage deep domain expertise and innovative solutions to help your business frame long and short-term strategies that align with your IT environment, enterprise goals and policies.


Our IT consulting services encompass and go beyond core business technology requirements.

IT Design

Having a thoroughly-planned, robust, IT infrastructure in place is the backbone of your business. Our consultants help you tap into existing technologies for scalable solutions, thereby ensuring sustained delivery that is in sync with your business objectives, demand and plan.

IT Optimization

Get the most out of your IT investments with proper optimization of resources. Our experts help you ensure efficiency by putting your infrastructural investment and applications to the best use, ensuring better performance and cost-effectiveness.

Service Engineering

Tap into the world of time-tested frameworks and processes along with our experts. We work with you to streamline the systematic design of your IT support, business and operation services so that these meet internal and external goals.

 Security Consulting

With new vulnerabilities hitting IT infrastructure by the day, security measures need to be spread across every stage of your SDLC. Our security consultants ensure constant reviews and scans of your applications and infrastructure for impenetrable security.

 Supplier Security Assessment

Suppliers are an integral part of your business processes. We help in ensuring security across the entire supply chain with professional security assessments and support to address vulnerabilities.


Cherrylabs’ IT consulting services follows a simple yet efficient approach – that of focusing on yor strategy and business goals. We thereby help you bypass fleeting trends, and instead focus on agile technologies that get lasting outcomes. Our efficient team of IT consultants work across all dimensions – starting out from identifying gaps in your existing IT strategy, down to creating strategic imperatives for powerful digital transformation.

We believe that IT should give you a competitive advantage and positive business outcomes. With this goal in place, our team focuses on business process design, strategic planning, efficient policy implementation and continuous improvement.

Our approach, therefore, has a well-defined focus.

  • Define your business’ vision and strategic imperatives in collaboration with functional heads and executive management.

  • Analyze the existing state of your IT, identify gaps and formulate a plan to address those gaps.

  • Brainstorm with your core teams to develop IT strategy.

  • Provide process design and business architecture feedback to functional heads and executive management so that ongoing progress is ensured.


Cherrylabs’ IT consulting services help your business prepare for digital transformation with our client-focused approach.

Time And Cost-Effective

With years of experience to back us up, we help you save time and money. Rather than encourage trial-and-error, we put our expertise to use right from the start. Our cost-effective services offer flexibility so that your business can plan, manage and control costs. Additionally, you get more time to focus on core business functions.

Experience And Expertise

Why depend on a novice when you have professionals waiting to help you out? When you hire an in-house IT consultant, you’re tapping into the potential of just one person. However, with our collective expertise, you have an entire company working toward your IT and business goals.

Better Productivity

With improved knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication, your employees are more inclined to be innovative and productive. When complex technology is well-planned and implemented, client and employee-interaction is simplified and your productivity as a business is improved. Critical business issues are resolved and you get good returns – in every way – on your technology investment.

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