Application Load Testing

We measure your Application Environment's ability to handle volume and identify the maximum operating capacity.

What Is It?

It is said that a ship’s seaworthiness is put to the test only when it leaves the docks, and its ultimate quality is seen in its ability to stay afloat in a storm. Likewise, a lot of thought may have gone into your business application. However, can your application and servers meet the potential for which they were created, in terms of load?

Our Application Load Testing Service lets your perform automated load tests on your GUI, API or command line applications, ensuring that they can perform seamlessly as your business scales.

How It Works?

Cherrylabs’ Application Load Testing Service helps you get crucial information about your application’s performance, playing a key role in determining whether and when your application goes into production. 

Our load testers handle elaborate screening of fundamental parameters such as:
Memory pages per second | Hits per second | Transmission capacity | Memory usage | Hit proportiona | Thread counts | Dynamic sessions | Garbage collection

By closely monitoring page load time and the system’s behaviour throughout the testing process, we help you determine how well it would perform in a real life scenario. Application Load Testing Service follows a few key processes to determine the system’s acceptability.

Acceptance Criteria The system is analyzed to determine the performance acceptance criteria that would indicate whether the tests have passed or failed.
Planning Scenarios, workloads and test cases are planned to identify scenarios that are crucial to your application’s performance.
Testing Sophisticated and cutting-edge testing tools take over at this point, pushing your application to its limits and capturing metrics. Simply add your target host that needs testing, run a test and watch the test in real-time.
Analysis Each test’s data is aggregated and reports are provided, showing you whether your application meets acceptance criteria or whether it requires more work before it can go into production.


Flexibility and Scalability

A core feature of our Application Load Testing Service is flexibility. Acknowledging that each application requires its own acceptance criteria, our load testing does not work on a ‘one size fits all’ model. The actual test process is customized to your specific requirements, and is scalable. Additionally, you get to experience the true potential of your application when you choose from multiple load tests such as endurance, stress, scalability, performance and volume.

Multi-Scenario Testing

An application can perform differently under each scenario, and hence our Application Load Testing Service lets you perform load tests under abnormal factors as well. This process helps in identifying and fixing potential issues before your application goes into production.

Data Security

Our cloud-based Application Load Testing Service is committed to data protection and confidentiality. Our secure servers ensure that your application remains uncompromized throughout and beyond the testing process.

Regular Updates

Cherrylab’s is constantly at work, providing you with the most cutting-edge testing solutions. Therefore, our Application Load Testing Service systems are constantly scrutinized, and updated, ensuring that your API, GUI or command line application tests tap into an extensive resource pool.


Our Application Load Testing Service focuses on the quality of your applications and helps you get to hassle-free production.


Apart from the fact that you’re not overloaded with paid features that you may not use, our Application Load Testing Service saves you money in the long run through early error detection. You’re saved the time, money and embarrassment that would otherwise go into getting your application into production, only to withdraw it because it failed to meet performance metrics.

Detailed Reports

Data is everything – especially when monitoring your application. Detailed result reports and analysis documentation breaks down your application’s behaviour, making it easy to understand even if your stakeholders are not very tech-savvy.

Extensive Testing Services

Cherrylabs’ Application Load Testing Service supports a wide spectrum of testing services, applications and tools across domains and technologies, facilitating application and business scalability.

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